Welcome to J.P.Peel & Co Ltd. We are a family firm of design and patent (IP) attorneys based in Richmond, Surrey.

We provide full services for helping our clients obtain and maintain registered intellectual property rights. Our main services are in the areas of patents, registered designs, copyright and agreements.

So if you would like to protect your products or inventions, or need to know if something you have created will infringe another’s intellectual property, we can help you.


About us

We have a team of intellectual property professionals based in Richmond, Surrey. Our director, James Peel is assisted by his brother, Tom Peel who is our Practice Manager. We have a wide experience of developing cost effective strategies for protecting designs and innovations with registered designs and patents.


Intellectual Property Explained

For an overview of some of the different types of intellectual property rights available to protect innovations please see our IPR information page.


Our Approach

As intellectual property (IP) attorneys, our aim is to provide cost effective advice and services relating to protection of your innovations with patents and registered designs. Our services are individually tailored to your business needs and strategy as well as the commercial environment which you are facing.



"I felt that James was genuinely interested in a product that would help others. His professional manner and patience gave me the confidence to proceed with my idea.”