J.P. Peel & Co Ltd is a boutique law firm providing full services for helping our clients obtain and maintain registered intellectual property rights.

Our main services are in the areas of patents, registered designs, copyright and agreements. We also offer a consultancy service to other firms of patent attorneys and to industrial patent departments. There is information about our approach to delivering our services here. In order to determine which form of intellectual property is relevant to you, we can also carry out an IP audit on your business to identify protectable forms of intellectual property to help you develop an IP strategy.

We have considerable experience of obtaining patent protection at the European Patent Office (EPO), UK IP Office and overseas. We also have extensive experience of obtaining registered design (or design patent) protection in the UK, Europe, USA and other jurisdictions.

At the EPO, we have experience of successfully representing clients at hearings before the Examining, Opposition and Appeal Divisions. At the UK IP Office, we have experience of requesting post-grant amendment of patents. Overseas jurisdictions in which we have experience of obtaining patent, utility model (where applicable) and design protection include the USA, China, India, Japan, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa and Russia. We have a network of trusted attorneys in those countries with whom we have experience of working.

How to contact us

We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive service and do not charge for an initial telephone discussion or meeting to discuss how we might help you.

To arrange this, simply call us on +44 (0) 20 8892 5569 or +44 (0) 7747 454049


Registered Designs & Design Rights

  • Preparation of representations of the design;
  • Filing applications for registered designs in the UK, European Community or around the world or for design patents in the US;
  • Maintenance of registered designs through payment of maintenance fees;
  • Advice on the scope of registered designs or of design rights (or unregistered designs).


  • Lodging of original works to establish a date of creation;
  • Advice on commissioning original works;
  • Advice on infringement of copyright;


  • Invention spotting;
  • Prior art searching;
  • Patent specification drafting;
  • Preparation of formal drawings;
  • Filing of patent applications in the UK, European Patent Office, PCT and around the world using trusted patent attorneys overseas;
  • Prosecution of patent applications; Opposition of granted patents;
  • Maintenance of granted patents; Freedom to operate searching;
  • Freedom to operate advice on the scope of pending patent applications or granted patents.


  • Preparation of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs);
  • Advising on the intellectual property aspects of contracts;
  • Preparation of assignment documents for IPRs, particularly patents, patent applications, registered designs, trademarks and/or copyright.