What is a patent attorney?
A patent attorney has a science or engineering background so that they can understand the technology behind an invention. They also have legal training in patent and registered design law as well as more general law issues such as contracts. They do not need a law degree or a qualification as a solicitor or a barrister to practise as a patent attorney. They have experience in discerning which form(s) of intellectual property are relevant in a particular situation.

What types of intellectual property rights (IPRs) are there?
There are the following forms of intellectual property:
• Patents which protect the way something works;
• Registered designs which protect the appearance of an object, logo or webpage;
• Trade marks which are for registering a brand or logo to protect your relationship with your clients so that they can be sure that a branded product or service is coming from you; Copyright which protects the form of the expression of an idea.

Would it be possible to have an exploratory conversation with you without committing?
Yes, we are happy to talk to you about your business and your need for advice on intellectual property rights for thirty minutes without charge. Please contact us to have a chat on the phone or to arrange a meeting with a patent attorney in Richmond, Surrey.

What should I expect from our meeting?
In the meeting, we will seek to understand what are the essential features of your idea for it to work and what your plans are to exploit it commercially and to build or enhance your business using it. With your help, we will seek to develop a strategy for protecting the idea using intellectual property rights. Factors which are worth mentioning to us include what are the barriers to market for your idea (such as product approval), whether funding is needed, and whether you will make it yourself or wish to find a partner to take that on.

How long can the process take?
We would aim to take the first step of the intellectual property rights application process within two to four weeks of receiving your instruction to proceed. Time is very much of the essence with IPR protection as for registered rights, entitlement to protection is generally determined by who was first to file their application.

How to contact us

We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive service and do not charge for an initial telephone discussion or meeting to discuss how we might help you.

To arrange this, simply call us on +44 (0) 20 8892 5569 or +44 (0) 7747 454049